Marble Matter hosts a range of workshop focalizing liquid surface design techniques and the use of natural pigments.
We are intrigued by processes whose aestetic cannot be entirely controlled. It is rather the job of the artist/student to embrace the elements of randomness while gently manipulating expressions in desired ways. We always encourage our students to play around and not get too hung up by what is traditionally “right and wrong”.
It usually resolves in great results, even for beginners!

We currently teach both Ebru  and Suminagashi on respectively paper and fabric. During both types of workshops you will learn about the history of the marbling techniques, how to set up a marbling station at home an you will of course leave with your own marbled pieces. The learning curve in both Ebru and Suminagashi is steep and we find that both kids and adults enjoy the mesmerizing act of dropping paint onto a liquid surface. The process is even meditative to some. All workshops have a limited number of students in order to ensure a firendly and artistically experimental environment where we can offer support and insight to every student. As we are based in Barcelona and Copenhagen the workshops are mainly held in these locations. We are nevertheless always interested in teaching in new environments.



When is the next workshop?

Find out when and where our next workshop is taking place by visiting our shop. We advertise the upcoming workshops on Instagram and on our Facebook-page. If you want to be among the first to know, you can sign up to our newsletter below to stay updated and never miss out!

I can't buy a ticket. Why?

We only have a limited number of tickets available for each workshop, since we want to keep the group of participants small with plenty of time to ask questions and to get help along the way. Therefore we recommend you getting your ticket as soon as possible.


Do you host private workshops?

Yes, we do! If you want to celebrate a birthday in a creative way, host a fun and colourful event or simply want to invite your own group of marbles to a given location, we arrange private workshops - both here in Copenhagen and elsewhere. Please email us if you'd like to know more!