Marble Matter is a design studio, specialising in pigments, prints and teaching.


We are dedicated to reviving half forgotten craftsmanship such as marbling, and natural dye. Strongly rooted in the classic techniques and methods, Marble Matter reinterprets these old disciplines in a contemporary context.

The studio was founded by Julie Bak in 2015, a sociologist and teacher by training. Julie had long been experimenting with floating inks, when she decided to teach a class. Shortly after Anne-Sophie Rosenvinge, photographer and designer, started documenting the colorful swirls in the workshops. She was captivated and joined the venture. Since then, Marble Matter has expanded from teaching creative practices to becoming a design studio, anchored in analogue expressions and sustainable practices. The studio still hosts workshops, but also produce a small line of artisanal goods, as well as original artwork.


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Collaborations / Teaching Locations

Hawaii BioCasaproteaDudua , Martillo , Openstudio 79 , SKRΓ… , Fabrikken , Finderskeepers , Lynfabrikken , PLANT KBH , FICA Oficina CreativaCoroboro , ASRosenvinge , OSEA Swimwear , Eliza Fernand 

Where You Find Our Work

Amalia Vermell - Barcelona , Nuovum - Barcelona


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