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At Marble Matter we work with marbling and natural dye techniques.



We use liquid surfaces to create unique patterns on textiles and paper.

Natural Dye

Natural Dye

We dye textiles with natural color sourced from waste, parks and occasionally shops.


Our work.



Our workshops are curated creative events carefully composed to guide, inspire and demonstrate the technique taught. The workshops are both educational and personally fulfilling, providing great insights into the craft in question as well as a satisfying tactile experience. Learn more here.

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Bespoke Textiles

We create small collections of hand crafted textile objects. All our work is manually printed, dyed and sewn in our almost hidden studio in Barcelona. We take great pride in sourcing sustainable materials as well as recycling and reusing every inch of our fabrics. Learn more here.

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Sometimes we embark on projects a little out of the ordinary. Let it be installations, conceptual events or collaborations with other artists and makers. You find an overview of past projects here.


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