Liquid Pillows & Floating Mail

Pillows and cards might sound like an unlikely marriage, but in this acyllic marbling project the two became an unexpected unity. We created "Liquid pillows" by printing 50x50cm pieces of silk one by one. After lifting the silk from the liquid surface in our marbling trays the residule pigments started shaping interesting and uncontrolable formations, some very beautiful. We salvaged these moments on cards and envelopes which then became "Floating Mail".  We find that the beaurty in the relationship between Floating Pillows and Liquid Mail is the contrasting aesthetic produced by the same color pigments in the same trays. Observing the formations created by time and movement is alluring especially when you know the form is in contant flux. Liquid Pillows and Floating mail have been sold in our webshop and at various fairs. Now they are only produced upon request.

Julie Bak-Christensen