Three Days of Design One Day of Waste

The "Three Days of Design One Day of Waste" event was a carefully curated event organized in collaboration with Plant KBH and Normann Copenhagen. During the fair “Three Days of Design” Normann Copenhagen’s flagship store was beautifully decorated with flowers. When the flowers browned and dried up we salvaged them. We wanted to show that waste can create wonders!

We used the window display at PLANT KBH to create a floral decay installation. While this installation served as a the main source for materials during a plant print workshop, it was also meant to evoke beauty in what is normally dipposed. During the workshop participants created botanically printed silk scarf, by cutting and collecting whatever part of the floral waste they desired and then applied it to their silk scarfs. To ensure that the results of the scarfs were of high quality we had also brought our own dye materials. Mixing the botanical waste with our collection of pigments participants made wonders out of waste. And Three Days of Design became one days of waste.

Julie Bak-Christensen