Zen & Dye - Seeking Color in Waste X Mellow Sheng


As part of my continueting quest to explore color sources in what we usually catagorize as waste, I have teamed up with chef and artist Mellow Sheng. We have designed an event cherishing the beautity of cicularity - a tea ceremony and tea dye class. The event will be hosted on the 6th of July in Barcelona.

Zen and Dye - Tea Ceremony and Natural Tea Dye Workshop

Mellow Sheng and Marble Matter invite you to participate in a unique event where tea is in focus. Mellow Sheng will first host a tea ceremony where we will taste different layers of organic teas from her personal collection. We will then learn where the teas are grown, how they are harvested and processed, all while travelling through various parts of Taiwan. 

We will then use the tea leafs to extract color onto two silk handkerchiefs. During this process we will learn about the basics of dyeing with food waste and how to set up a dye station at home. The tea leafs imprint a beautiful array of ochre and brown tones on the fabric. We will also work with modifiers in order to alter the colors. We have chosen to dye handkerchiefs as they are an intrinsic part of a traditional ceremony. 

With this event we attempt to create a circular approach to consuming. The residue form the tea you drink can still serve as a colorant for fabric, and the handkerchief can then become part of your drinking experience.

Finally while our handkerchiefs are steaming, we will indulge ourselves with homemade dessert made by Mellow Sheng. 

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Julie Bak-Christensen